Six on Saturday – 23rd February 2019

Spring is hopefully on the way. Spring flowers are coming out and the kale is in bud.

The first daffodil


We have a few tubs of daffodils around the garden and a few bulbs in the ground. None of them are anything special or unusual. The first one is out now – a sure sign spring is on the way.



We planted a few bulbs of white crocuses a couple of years ago and they are very slow to establish.  I can’t help thinking it is because of the really heavy clay soil.  Its soggy and wet in the winter and bakes dry and hard in the summer.  Or maybe they just need more time.



This little beauty was in the ground when we moved in.  It is in the middle of the path that we have in this spot.  It seems better to leave this be rather than dig it up and move it.



We were given a couple of stems of this low growing comfrey.  It has done well and puts out lots of leaves that go into the compost heap.  We also make some comfrey tea for the tomatoes ever year.  The dog also find its endlessly fascinating.

Caucasian Spinach


We started growing the this perennial climbing leaf last year.  It seems to have established it self well and is getting ready to grow already.  I am hoping to have endless green leaves for salads and spinach this year.  The stems are supposed to grow to about 6-8 feet, so we are training it over an arch between beds.



We have had this Tuscan black kale in the ground for 10 months now it looks like it is nearly ready to flower.  I am in 2 minds about letting it flower and set seed.  There is nothing else ready to flower except the purple sprouting broccoli.  As the PSB is not really left until the flowers open, the kale should not cross with anything else.  I might have a go and see whether it sets seed.

The “rules” of Six on Saturday are easy to follow and can be found on The Progator’s blog.  I recommend you give it a go, it is an addictive thing to do.


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