How to look after a Christmas Amaryllis

It’s really common to see amaryllis bulbs in supermarkets, garden centres and even garages before Christmas.  They are a lovely present to receive and the one that my sister-in-law gave us has produced 4 beautiful flowers on one stem.


We have received them before but the problem is that we are never sure how to look after they flower.  We have left them to try out and then watered them in the autumn.  However, we have never had any flowers again just leaves.

I asked the good people of Instagram for some tips on what to do.

@jardinsdegreasque suggested the following

Feed Osmocote for roses + liquid. Beware of narcissus fly outdoors. They can ruin a bulb

@through_the_garden_gate  provided quite a detailed explanation

I trimmed off the spent flower stalk last year and left the leaves through the summer. I watered them occasionally and then in the fall I cut them off and let the bulb dry out. After the bulb was completely dry I wrapped it in newspaper and put it in the fridge for six weeks then put it back in a pot of soil and watered sparingly and I had beautiful blooms again this year!

@kernow.di Said that she has done the same with successful outcome

@przygodazogrodem Also provided some help

After flowering, you have to cut the flower. Water the plant until about September or until the leaves are drying. Then stop watering and you can take the plant out of the pot or leave it in the pot. We store it at a temperature of around 15-20 * C, we wait until around January, February. Then we plant the plant into new soil and start to water.

Thanks everyone, I will try out a combination of these ideas and report back in 10 months.


  1. My amaryllis was in water bound stones so after it died it was left in the garage to dry out and a month ago I put fresh water in and also fed it tomatofood but only leaves have appeared.

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