Six on Saturday – 2nd Feb 2019

A few people mentioned that they liked seeing the seed box in my last Six on Saturday.  So I thought it might be fun to have a look inside at some of the seeds we have.

1 Peasp1040552.jpg

We do not grow a lot of peas.  The Oskar is a fantastic super early one. The Magnum Bonam in the brown envelope are a tall variety and have been self saved.  The others we sow in a barrel and grow for saladpea shoots.

2 Beans


I think beans are some of the easiest things to grow in any veg plot.  We have other sorts of beans in the cupboard and will be sowing some of those again this year. The Cherokee Trail of Tears are a firm favourite – tasty as green french beans and we use the dried ones for refried beans in the winter.

3 Brassicas


Brassicas are one of the work horses in the veg plot from light delicate komatsuna in the spring to sprouts and purple sprouting broccoli in the winter.  We also love kale and chard and they are good for 10 plus months of the year.  There is always something green ready in the garden.

4 Flowers


How could we not have some flowers in the garden.  I love the smell of sweet peas on warm evenings.  We always grow some of the useful companion flowers.  Borage to attract bees, nasturtiums to keep black fly off beans and  as sacrificial plants for cabbage whites and French marigolds to keep aphids off tomatoes.

5 Herbs


Every year we grow a lot of basil in pots in front of the shed – purple, green, lemon and lettuce leaf this year again. We also grow some south American herbs for Mexican bean dishes – Peruvian mint, quinquilla and papalo.

6 Tomatoes


I love tomatoes, I would grow more if we had space.  As you see these are mostly self saved.  So easy to do if they are open pollinated.  Marget’s Black came from an allotment in Stroud – it’s a sweet dark red/black cherry variety.

The “rules” of Six on Saturday are easy to follow and can be found on The Progator’s blog.  I recommend you give it a go, it is an addictive thing to do.



  1. Oh, what a treat! Glad to see Real Seeds there, such a lovely company to support. I don’t grow many veg these days but in the past I’ve grown Trail of Tears and agree it is great. Sungold must be my favourite tomato, although I do love the ox heart ones. Such potential, so lovely to see!

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  2. “We do not grow a lot of peas” and a picture of six different sorts! It’s all relative. Clearly I need to consider growing a wider range of crops but less of each. You’ve left me feeling unadventurous.

    Liked by 1 person

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