Six on Saturday -26th January 2019

Flowers, greens and seeds

1 – Snowdrops


The first signs of the snowdrops in our little orchard area.  We got them from my Dad a couple of years and they have settled in well.  Dad is a bit of a galanthophile

2 – Daffodils


We left the daffodils in the pots last year and they have not come to any harm.  The path they sit on helps with drainage.  I am looking forward to a good display by the apple cordons

3 – Tulips


I love tulips.  I mean really love tulips.  I think we have 15 pots this year.  I went to Amsterdam last year and couldn’t help myself.  Everyone will be bored of Six on Saturday tulips soon

4 – Kale


We have been growing this perennial kale in a tub for the last 4 years and it is flourishing.  Taunton Deane is a firm favourite on the winter table

5 – Winter greens


This winter was the first time we have tried mustard greens and we love them.  They are sharp and peppery when raw and like spinach when cooked.  We have covered them in fleece because the birds also love them

6 – Seeds


I am sure that everyone else is looking at seed catalogues and planning what to grow.  This year we have tried to be restrained.  We sorted through the seed box and have decided on only a few things that we need to get.  Obviously a new tomato – Mucho Miel from the Real Seed Catalogue

The “rules” of Six on Saturday are easy to follow and can be found on The Progator’s blog.  I recommend you give it a go, it is an addictive thing to do


  1. I agree with Jim about the look at your seed box. Maybe one Saturday we each should post ours! Your pot of daffs looks ahead, perhaps because they were left alone. I’ve discovered my leftovers from last year are earlier than ones just planted.

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  2. Real Seed are great aren’t they, not heard of that tomato before, so I just looked it up and it looks wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing all those pots full of blooming tulips, won’t be long. 🙂


  3. I have not grown mustard for a long time … My father loved to grow it because of the green manure it produces. He cut and buried all the plants in the soil where there were vegetables before to renew the soil in winter. (Compact seedling that prevented weeds)
    I don’t remember eating greens (except the seeds …) .I should have a try…

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  4. I did a clear out of seeds that have been in there a long time, things we have never grown again.
    The kale is fantastic. It gets ravaged by the cabbage white but grows all winter and spring. The small leaves are sweet enough to eat raw. The old one have that distinct kale taste but not too strong. I would recommend it to anyone


  5. For a gardener there’s something endlessly fascinating about someone else’s seed box. What they grow, whose seeds they buy, how long after the sow by date they are. Your kale looks to have plenty of pickable leaves for the depths of winter, must look out for that.

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