New Year – New Start

Last year turned out to be a tricky year to keep this blog going.  We had a major piece of building work at home that left us in 2 rooms and the bathroom for most of the hot summer.  The building work made it hard to get out to the garden some days. Also with no kitchen we didn’t eat much that was growing – except tomatoes (I love tomatoes).  Like everyone else, we all struggled with the summer heat.

The other aspect that made blogging a bit harder was that I had originally started this to show family how we were changing the garden.  How we were going to turn a long narrow back garden into a productive kitchen garden.  We have done that.  So I was not sure what to say next.

I have decided that I am going to expand a little bit from the back garden allotment to including cooking.  After all what is the point of growing fantastic and tasty vegetables if you don’t eat them.  I hope to do the Six on Saturday regularly too.  I love this idea and have followed peoples updates.  I will continue to post sowing, planting, growing and harvesting stories as well.  And in the spirit of setting achievable goals I am going to aim for a monthly update and if I find the desire for more then I will scribble some more thoughts.

For now the garden is tucked up for winter but it still has some edible treats.

Something good in store.

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  1. Glad to have found your blog asI’ve just got a half of a half plot allotment and have never grown anything edible before. A new adventure so will follow your advice. see my own blog at and see you on the Six on Saturday theme. Julie

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