Six on Saturday – 26 May

After a few weeks of no rain we have had a real down pour in the last couple of days.  Things in the vegetable garden are growing well.

Squash and Courgettes


The worst bit about our raised beds is that there is not really enough space to grow lots of big winter squash.  In here there are 4 squash and 4 courgettes.



We have grown Wautoma cucumbers for a few years now.  Last year we saved seeds from them for the first time.  We got hundreds of them.  I am very happy with the germination rates too – 100% – 12 seeds sown and 12 seeds came up.  They do really well outside usually as well, so lots of pickled cucumbers again I hope.



The Oskar first early are in flower and we have spotted 3 pods so far.  They have usually given us the first peas in late May but this year it was just too cold.

Broad Beans

Fresh young broad beans are one of my all time favourite early summer vegetables.  This year the aquadulce are really healthy looking.  The bumblebees are really busy on the flowers.


The greenhouse tomatoes are in flower!  The outdoor ones are growing well.  I am not sure that the metal spirals are really stable enough to support them but only time will tell.


This year we are growing a few varieties of lettuce.  The aim to collect seeds from some of them for the Stroud Community Seed Saving Group.  The biggest surprise is that the slugs haven’t found them (yet).

The “rules” of Six on Saturday are easy to follow and can be found on The Progator’s blog.  I recommend you give it a go, it is an addictive thing to do


  1. Your kitchen garden looks a bit like mine now. Squash, courgettes , lettuces, broad beans are exactly the same stage. By cons I already see the first tomatoes (size of cherries) but my peas are late compared to yours. Good job in your garden, everything looks healthy (and soon delicious!)

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