Six on Saturday – May 12th

Hay Fever


This time of year is very frustrating for me.  I have started to suffer from hay fever in the last 10 years.  It is tree pollens that affect me most and the worse of them is the beautiful and majestic horse chestnut.  There is of them about 100 meters from the house.  Unfortunately, I have been staying inside most of the week.

House Plants

Apparently, according to Gardeners World, I am almost trendy.  I have always liked house plants but don’t have many.  Begonia Rex is a firm favourite for the leaf colours and patterns, I think that this might be the first of a few.  The white flowered succulent is a beauty – it came from the hospital ward where my Mum died 9 years ago.



This is the last of the forced rhubarb and it made a delicious crumble.  We have a lot of plants and I think it is time to dig some up and compost them.  I would like a really red stemmed variety – like Champagne.

The Old and the New


This time of year is a real cross over between the over wintered greens and new crops. The purple sprouting broccoli has been in the plot for 11 months.  It is a long time to wait but the crop is well worth it.  The new is komatsuna.  This was only sown about 6-7 weeks ago and it is already starting to blossom.  Komatsuna is a really popular Japanese spinach – slightly stronger taste than spinach but cooks easily in the microwave wrapped in cling film for 90 seconds.


We love tomatoes.  I can’t imagine not growing tomatoes.  This year we have 3 slight variations on the way we will grow tomatoes in the green house.  One of the issues we have continually suffered with is blossom end rot on the bigger tomatoes – Purple Ukrain and Japanese Black Trifele.  So we have invested in some water reservoir planters for the grow bags.  Fingers crossed this will mean even watering and no blossom end rot.



You know summer is on the way when you start to plant out the runner beans.  We have planted them into a trench full of grass cuttings.  This should help to keep the moisture in and reduce the need to water.  The first beans planted out are our self saved Czar.  These had a fantastic germination rate – over 90%.

Roll on the end of the horse chestnut blossom and warmer growing days.

The “rules” of Six on Saturday are easy to follow and can be found on The Progator’s blog.  I recommend you give it a go, it is an addictive thing to do.


  1. I feel for you as my hay fever has appeared this year after a good few years of nothing; I think it’s that all the pollens have released at the same time due to the weather. I bought some local honey last weekend and that does help a little….anyway, lovely 6, especially your house plant collection. X

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  2. You’re way ahead of me with planting out the runners! Mine are still in the plastic grow house, where I’m trying to encourage them to get tall enough to be out on the allotment…. maybe by the end of this month they’ll be able to be out.

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  3. Your picture of begonia leaf is fabulous!
    To prevent blossom end rot and “black fruit rot”( I don’t remember how do you name this disease), I added lithothamne powder this year. They said it would protect against disease thanks to calcium and magnesium … we’ll see.

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  4. Yes noticed how pricey it was. I am a little tired of it now. We have had it with porridge every day for a month and pies and crumbles… I haven’t made chutney, gin, jam and cordial this year tho 😂

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  5. This is the only white zygocactus I have seen. It flowered on the anniversary of her death as well. It is a great way to remember her.

    We have added blood fish and bone, comfrey and even tried Epsom salts… but I think we are not the best waterers out there.

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  6. The white zygocactus is very nice (I don’t think I’ve seen a white one, usually only pink) and a lovely memory of your mother. Have you tried giving your tomatoes calcium for the blossom end rot?

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