Six on Saturday – May 5th

This week I thought it was time to get back to the veg plot.  The raised beds are nearly all prepared and ready for planting – as soon as it stays warm enough.

Shallots and Carrots


We usually grow most of our vegetables from seed.  However, shallot sets are very easy and give a good sized crop early.  These will end up as pickled onions, you can’t have enough pickled onions.  We also grow carrots between the shallots.  This year we are trying touchon from the Real Seed Catalogue. Growing carrots and shallots together help to protect each other from pests.

Peas and Broad Beans


One of the joys of early summer is the start of home grown vegetables.  This year we are growing Oskar first early peas from seeds we saved last year.  This pea is fantastic, early, sweet and not too tall.  We are also growing Aquadulce longpod broad beans.  A heritage variety from the late 1800’s.  I am also really pleased that we have hazel pea sticks that we coppiced from a neighbours hazel.  At the far end of this bed are some over wintered rocket plants that I am letting seed.  These will be replaced with a main crop pea in a few weeks.



I love tomatoes.  I love the different shapes, sizes, colours and flavours of different varieties.  This year most of the seeds are self saved again – fantastic germination rates too.  The ones here are Japanese Black Trifele – this has an unusual potato leaf shaped leaf, Purple Ukrain, Sungold F1 and Tigerella.  Hopefully, next week the greenhouse will be full of tomatoes, chillis, peppers and aubergine plants.  We will also have a few tomatoes in one of the raised beds.



What could be better with freshly picked tomatoes than home grown basil.  This year we have a nice range of basils – purple, pesto, lemon and lettuce leaf.  Some will be in the green house but some will be in pots against the west facing garden shed.

Organic Fertiliser

Tomatoes are hungry plants and they need regular feeds.  Last year we planted a few comfrey plants we were given.  They are the small, low growing, white flowered variety.  It is super easy to make a plant food from comfrey.  Fill a bucket with the plants and add water.  Cover it and leave it for a month.  Be warned – it stinks when it is ready! Luckily the comfrey grows quickly so we have an almost unlimited amount of plant food.

Work to do


We are really lucky to have two greenhouse but this little patch of soil between the two needs some work.  We have grown cucumbers here for the last two years.  This year we are going to grow main crop potatoes.  So this is one of the jobs for the weekend.


The “rules” of Six on Saturday are easy to follow and can be found on The Progator’s blog.  I recommend you give it a go, it is an addictive thing to do.


  1. Love a well organised veg plot. I just potted on my tomatoes for this year. Not too many, just a few for the greenhouse. Roma, sungold, gardeners delight, money maker, Shirley,sweet million.

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  2. Like everyone else, I’m loving your raised beds. And the tomatoes are especially healthy-looking. I have nearly given up growing tomatoes (although home-grown tomatoes taste so delicious) because fruit fly is such a terrible problem here.

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  3. Your raised beds are very beautiful! It’s clean, well organized – great!
    About vegetables, I also use CDs to scare birds but not for shallots they don’t like to eat. By cons I rather put my CD discs above the peas they love .. (thanks for reminding me to sow my basil now …)

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