Six on Saturday – April 28th

It is still tulip season and we have a few more that had not come out last week.  There are a few whose colour changes over time.

Shirley – white and purple


This tulip starts of creamy white with a hint of purple.  The purple colour spread from the tips of the petals and the white colour becomes purer.  I love them in a pot with pure white and the purple of Paul Shearer below.

Annie Schilden- yellow orange


These yellow tipped orange tulips have the most beautiful silken sheen in the sun (shame there is no sun today).

Tres Chic – white


This is a new variety this year.  It is a lily shaped flower with a pretty frill.  I like that it is not too tall. I am really enjoying the delicate purple tips to the petals.

Paul Shearer – black purple


At the height of the Dutch tulip mania bubble black tulips where one of the most desired colours.  However, a true black was never achieved.  This one is super dark smoky purple.  It looks great when mixed with white tulips.

Red Power – red


Red Power is the classic red tulip with a bright yellow centre.  I love the intensity of the red of the petal.  Unfortunately, the sun isn’t out so the yellow at the centre with the dark black stamen and stigma are not in the photo.

Abu Hassan – yellow red


I think that this is my favourite tulip.  I love the bright yellow edge and the deep red centre to the petals.  The yellow edge also spreads over time but it never replaces that intense red colour completely.


That is the end of the tulip photographs this year.  Next week it is back to the vegetable garden and the progress in the raised beds.


  1. We have a mixed pot made up of small bulbs from last year. It is a mix of white dream, Shirley and Paul shearer. I think it works really well. It is the cover picture for this blog


  2. Making notes for next year. I like the look of Shirley and Paul sheared. Might Paul be a good partner for white dream? I tried for a black and white combo but queen of the night is late.

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  3. Yay for the fellow tulip-lovers! ‘Abu Hassan’ is fabulous – I have never grown it, but many of the gardens I have visited this spring have featured it very heavily, with good reason.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like the Tres Chic tulip- it’s a very interesting shape. And Abu Hassan too. He has popped up on a number of posts and is rather dramatic. And Paul Shearer…Oh I like them all!

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  5. Is it really bad that the first thing I thought of when I saw those Shirley tulips, was raspberry ripple ice cream? I do love that mottled purpley look against the white though.

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