Six on Saturday 21st April

The warm weather has really helped bring on the tulips.  So the only thing to post this time is obviously pictures of tulips. I love tulips. I pour over the Bloms catalogue every year.

Cape Town – yellow red


New this year, not too tall so will stand up to a bit of wind

Syneada King – red yellow


New this year, elegant lily flowers, slightly taller that most we have

Ali Baba – red


New this year, love the depth of red and the patterned leaves

White Dream – white


Elegant classic shape and pure white

Shirley – white purple


Classic shaped flower. The purple edges slowly deepen in colour and spread down the petal

Annie Schilden – red orange


Classic shaped flower.  I love the silky sheen on the petals.  The orange spreads through the petals over time.


  1. These wonderful colours are so bright: I can understand why you like them so much. I think I like the Syneada best, it’s very striking.

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  2. Stunning especially that syneada tulip. My post was all tulips too…must be a week for them. What I love about tulips is I forget what I’ve planted so love the surprise! I always end up planting so many more than I thought…..😊


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