Important Message from the Founders of Garden Organic

I visited the site to learn how to save seeds of heritage plants. A true inspiration.  I was shocked when the trustees planned to sell off the site. The plan is to build executive housing on the site.

it is worth looking at the save Ryton site webpages to find out more

Save Ryton Organic Gardens

Garden Organic founders Jackie & Alan Gear speak of their belief that Ryton Organic Gardens should be saved. They explain the national importance of the Gardens and say that Ryton Organic Gardens should be protected because of their historically important environmental contribution. They  remind members of Lawrence Hill’s love of Ryton Gardens: “Here is my whole life”.

With surprise and great sadness we read recently that Ryton Organic Gardens may be sold for re-development. We believe that the gardens have national, environmental and historical significance.  Although organic gardening is now generally accepted as the most ecologically friendly way to grow, it was not always the case.

An organic gardening flame was lit by Lawrence Hills in the 1950s. He was the founder of the Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA), the world’s first organic gardening charity, now known as Garden Organic. At its trial ground in Braintree, Essex, Lawrence became respected…

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