Six on Saturday – 7th April

At this time of year plants and flowers are erupting all over the place – the crocusses in our garden have finished but there are so many others coming into flower and leaf.



My mother in law has a fantastic camellia in the back garden.  It is over 8″ tall and is always covered with these pretty pink flowers.  I think that I have missed it at its best this year but it is still a real beauty.



We have a small wild flower area around our fruit trees.  We are very lucky to have 2 patches of these primroses.  The grass has been sown with yellow rattle, which is parasitic on grass roots, and hopefully this will encourage other flowers to flourish.



We got a small patch comfrey variety from a neighbourhood community garden and it has really started to thrive.  Its not one of those meter high varieties with the pink flowers.  So if anyone knows what it is them please tell me!

Plum Blossom


Japan is totally obsessed with the beauty of cherry blossoms.  However, before cherry trees with big blossoms were created, Japan was in love with plum blossom.

We have a local community orchard with serveral fruit trees.  The first is in flower now.  Mirabelle Ruby plums are usually grown in France for use in cooking and they are  the main raw ingredient in plum brandy.

Slug Traps


I am trying out some homemade slug traps.  I am not sure if they work yet though.  They are based on the wasp traps my dad uses near his bee hives.

Pruned Trees


We have 6 Glocuestershire apple trees at home that we were planning to grow as espallier but we realised that we didnt have enough space between.  So this year we took the big step of cutting out the central leader and will be grrowing them as 2 arm cordons. There is aslo a damson that we have pegged out to create a low, easy picking tree.


  1. Hmmm the jury is out to be honest… I think they may be better as wasp traps. We advent caught anything in them yet. However, the other shop bought slug traps advent caught much either. Maybe its a different beer that we need


  2. So the class dunce has shown up & doesn’t understand how the slug traps work – have you cut the top off a plastic bottle & inserted it upside down? Then you bury them & . . . what happens next?

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  3. I don’t know what your bio security rules are but it might not be a permissible plant for you guys. It’s not exactly invasive but it is hard to get rid off when it’s established


  4. I tend to get 2/3 cuttings a season from my potted ones. I pop the leaves into a little bit of water and use it as liquid fertiliser after a few months, I hate the smell, but the plants seek to love it lol 🙂


  5. The Comfrey looks exactly like the Dwarf Comfrey I have in a few pots. If put in the ground it acts like ground cover and spreads quickly. After a few years it can be hard to get rid of just like the common variety, hence why I put mine in pots a few years ago :/

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