Tips on Dealing with Slugs and Snails

Let’s face it, no one really likes slugs or snails whether you are growing vegetables or trying to keep a pristine garden.  For most of us the number one enemy is the gastropod.  Even the name is unpleasant – the stomach foot!

With the weather warming up, I started to think about the coming slug invasion that we all dread.  I popped a survey on Twitter – thanks to everyone who responded.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 19.56.10

It looks like there are 2 clear leaders that we favour – pellets and beer traps.

We have a multipronged approach – pellets, beer traps and scissors. We use these pellets and they have worked well for us.


We have a pair of “slug scissors” in the shed and I have been known to stalk the kitchen garden at night after rain – gruesome but satisfying.  I have always liked the beer traps.  We have a couple from Wilko but I tried to make some this year, not sure whether they work yet as there don’t seem to be many test subjects around yet.

There were some other interesting answers from Twitter.

nonsomokinstu @a_real_gent uses a combination of slug traps, organic pellets, copper rings round some of the kale, as well as nematodes.  That is a real belt and braces approach.

Sara Turton-Lyndel is another fan of combinations. This time copper shaving and egg shells.

Jean Rose @AuntieJean1 – also uses the combination approach with beer traps and nematodes.

Penguin Yark is trialling something I haven’t heard of before but could be worth checking out.  Slug Bust tape – apparently an eco-friendly tape that keeps slugs away.  Its seems to be a rough tape that is unpleasant for slugs and snails.

Jeroen Teeuwisse has an interesting idea. He goes out with a head torch and instead of cutting them in two, he collects them in a pot that he freezes over night.  The dead slugs are then added to his compost heap.

Esme @BeetsGeneration seems to be beset by the little beasts

I’ve just given up, I plant so much and just hope for the best. Between the slugs, pheasants, pigeons and the mole coming up under everything I just feel like I’m in a constant battle with nature.

I did like the video from growlikegrandad on Instagram – check out the other video to see how bramble shoots work!

Good luck to everyone and keep the fight going and hope that everyone has plants that survive.


  1. I do use organic slug pellets sparingly and scissors but am also going to try beer traps this year. I’m also hoping that the resident fox will be good for something this year too!

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