Six on Saturday – 31st March

Spring has sprung up in Yorkshire. My Dad’s always been a gardener. Every time we visit there is something interesting to see.

These hellebores don’t get much attention but do well in this shady spot.

He usually grows shorter daffodils because of the wind blowing across the Vale of York knocks the taller ones over.

A few hyacinth chionodoxa (Dad put me right) bringing a bit of colour in his front garden. Apparently, the bees love it on a warmer day, they get lots of pollen from them.

The twisted hazel was planted for my Mum. She was into flower arranging. This summer we hacked it back and it is looking very sculptural now.

I love this pot in the greenhouse

Last but not least, he likes alpines and has 5 species tulips in an outdoor alpine bed. This is Tulipca humilis violiacea Black base.


  1. Thanks John. We have another bit of the garden that will ave more flowers etc but not this year.
    My Dad still doesn’t like the hazel. He said it only looks nice at this time of year before the leaves stop it looking interesting


  2. Well at last I’ve made it to your blog. Shows what a SoS post can achieve. I know it’s in your Twitter profile but who looks at Twitter profiles? Well I did but didn’t go further. Hazel of some sort it about to make it to my front garden. In between the camellias, hamamelis and other nice things. Lawn is boring. And so much work to maintain. Hey, other readers, check out these two guys’ raised beds.


  3. Very beautiful tulips and healthy leaves (no slug hole ..;). About the twisted hazel, it’s a shrub in my wish list. One of my friends has one more than 4m high … and so many squirrels to watch …

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