8 Things to Sow in Early Spring

I know that the Beast from the East has descended on the UK this week and I may have jumped the gun with sowing too early.  Usually, we have a few frosts between now the summer but there are still things you can sow.  I am not alone in wanting to get sowing already. Richard Chivers and Horti Hugh  are two people who seem to have that same itch to scratch.

3 for Indoors

Some seeds need a bit of heat to germinate and these are best done inside. We usually try and get an early start with tomato, chillies and aubergine. It really helps to get these things to get going well if you have a heated tray and sunny windowsill.

These plants usually need to get a head start if you are going to get a good crop from them. The only problem for us has been they need to be grown in doors until the last frost.

I love this time of year and the number of trays cluttering up windowsills. But because of some building work due to start soon, I am delaying the indoor thing.

5 for the Greenhouse

We are lucky to have a greenhouse we can use for seeds at this time of year. It is unheated and has some staging at one end. This works well for most of the things we want to give an early start to before hardening off.  This year I have sown 5 things

Celeriac – I sowed it in May last year and they didn’t get very big at all.  I wanted to get going early.  I like to use supermarket mushroom trays – they are much deeper than a standard plastic tray.  I think that is great for a healthy root ball.

Kale – I love Tuscan black kale and last year we didn’t sow enough.  I thought an early sowing would give us something in June/July and then another sowing in the summer for the autumn and winter.

Peas – I grow Oskar peas from the Real Seed Catalogue.  I love this variety – first peas in May, doesn’t need a big framework as they only get to 1m and most importantly they taste fantastic. I love root trainers for peas and plants that need a good root ball.  These have always worked for me.

Sweet Peas – normally, I sow these in the late autumn and leave in the greenhouse but I forgot last year.  They do ok in the spring and love the root trainer pots as well.  I love the smell of sweet peas in the kitchen garden on warm summers evenings.

Broad beans – I have never been a fan of sowing broad beans in the autumn.  The main reason being is that I worry about them being a nice save haven for black flies in the spring.  This year we are only growing Aquadulce Longpod.  Another heritage variety from Real Seed Catalogue – I might try and save seeds from them this year if I am feeling adventurous.


And one more

Not sure if number 9 will work but we have sown some lettuce as well in modules. However, for the sake of a bit of compost and a pinch of seeds it is worth a punt.

Happy growing and I am looking forward to seeing the first seedlings sprouting in the next couple of weeks.




  1. It’s at times like this that I feel really glad to possess a “Growlight House” which allows me to get my chillis started off early! I agree with you on Autumn-sown Broad Beans, btw. Waste of time!

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