Cold and damp June

So much for the warm days of early summer. At least there is daylight and rain though.  The green house has been easy to look after as it hasn’t got too hot yet.

The cucumbers are doing well.  We have 3 different ones this year. An F1 La Diva that was very productive last year, a new heritage one from the real seed catalogue – Wautoma and some gherkins.

These are some of the 30+ tomato plants we have inside and outside.  So good to see the first little sun golds – I am pleased to report that they are ripe and as sweet as i remember from last year!

The beans are also coming on well despite the lack of sun.  We have a nice collection of different beans here. 2 dwarf French – F1 Ferrari and heritage Royal Burgundy, and 2 climbers – a few Borlotti and a few (t0o many) Czar.  I can’t rate Czar too highly – they are productive, long stringless runners that you can leave to go to seed. The seeds are big and white and are a great substitute for butter beans. There are also some Cherokee Trail of Tears beans in another bed that I didn’t photograph before it started to rain today.

The squash bed is doing ok, we have had a couple of the tiny baby courgettes already. If you look closely there are two pumpkins already.  I don’t like to eat them that much but they are good for carving.

We have been careful to keep a succession of basil growing inside and out this year.  I got the taste for shiso in Japan but it is not something you find easily in the UK.  These ones are also much bigger than the leaves I have bought before. As to what it tastes like, its not easy to describe – basil, nettle, mint, cinnamon, grassy…

I still have to pursued Simon to try shiso pesto on soba noodles though!

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