You Can Change The World!

Lots of this applies to all of us. I have taken several of these on board. We are getting involved with a local seed saving group


You can change the world… one seed at a time!

If you’re asking “what can I do?” then we’ve got plenty of suggestions:

  • Learn to save heirloom seed from your own plants. Teach your children.
  • Go to a farmer’s market and talk to the people selling produce. Ask them about the food you are buying.
  • Plant a garden! Doesn’t have to be big. It could even be in pots on your balcony 5 stories up! I once grew tomatoes on my balcony in a kiddie swimming pool!
  • Educate yourself about what you eat. Did you know that there are 3 types of genetically engineered coffee plants now?
  • Teach your children to garden. Share time with them in the dirt.
  • Start a community garden in your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors. Create community.
  • Understand what GM crops are and what they are doing to our environment.
  • Support local organic…

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