Greenhouse Spring Clean

We were up in Yorkshire with my Dad this weekend.  The wooden base of his greenhouse had rotted away and needed replacing.  Luckily, Dad had taken out the glass before we got there.

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It has been in the same place for a good 15 + years and has built up quite a lot of “extra stuff” in and around it.  We lifted it off the old wood and slid some new planks in.  Then simply just lifted if back.  It was also a good chance to move the staging to the end of the greenhouse and then Dad will fill the two bays with gravel on a weed suppressing membrane.

Dad has a few bits and bobs to do and then replace the glass.  It should be a good home for the tomatoes we gave him – looking forward to comparing how they grow.


  1. What an amazing structure, “they don’t make ’em like that any more”, it would certainly fill our garden.


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