Germination and growing on

The sun has been out today and the green house was warm, I was amazed when I had a little inspection after work at how much has shot up over the last week.

The peas are progressing well.  I am impressed with the ones in the root trainers and the germination rates we have too.  Hopefully, we can leave them to grow on until they have formed a good root ball.

This year we are trying to space out the broad beans and get a succession of beans.  We have 18 in the ground at the moment and now another 30 to go in.  I think that that will have to do for this year.

Both the French beans and radishes will stay in the green house and hopefully we will get an early bean crop.

The flowers for complementary planting are coming on we too.  I will be sowing more marigolds every couple of weeks until July.

Lots of tomatoes and the squashes are doing ok.  I think that one of the courgettes has a spot of virus and will need to be removed.

And outside things are progressing too.

Rhubarb is starting to poke through.  The gooseberries are doing well in the pots as we haven’t decided where they are going to end up yet.  The herbs in the cold frame are coming on too.


I am really pleased that the delicate little snow drops from Dad are looking lovely.  They only went in in January and I wasn’t expecting flowers this year…


  1. Thanks Teresa, the French beans are an experiment. I saw someone growing them in a poly tunnel. I am going to keep them in the greenhouse and just grow in a large pot. I want to see if we can get a really early plateful. I will sow a tray of French beans next weekend and keep them in a cold frame until they got in the bean bed – then probably try some more directly in the bed later on too.


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