What jobs got done?

Well, that was a bit of a mixed weekend! Friday was wonderful – sunny, not too windy and the birds were out.  Lots of sparrows and green finches flitting about near the house.  We finally spotted the back garden robin.  Up above we had rooks, crows and a buzzard or two. It was the first chance to sit outside and relax since we moved in.

Thanks to a brilliant idea I picked up from Jules on Twitter We used my sister-in-laws old CD case and turned it into a super organised seed catalogue!  The CDs wont go to waste – they get strung across the rows of peas, beans and onions etc as a bird scarer.

Ok, that wasn’t on the list of tasks to be done but I don’t care… it is just perfect and will make things so simple.

The list from Friday (with notes)

  • Dig over the beds for the spuds – not sure we will plant them out in the cold wet clay though – Didn’t go it because the soil is just too cold and wet
  • The tomatoes need potting on – making sure to plant them so the first leaves are just above the compost – Done
  • The old dalek bins need emptying into the new compost bins – I wonder if these will also be full of soil and not compost – Didn’t do it because it was just too nice to get into the smelly bins
  • We need to fashion a front for the new compost bins – we need to keep it in the bin and not let it tumble out – Didn’t complete but we have a plan
  • Weeding the beds with the peas and beans – Done
  • Maybe sow some green manure in the bed where the runners are going to go – Done, the last of the mustard green manure
  • Probably sow some cucumbers, gherkins, outdoor tomatoes and melon (again) – Done
  • Definitely get a pot of basil started – Done
  • Visit the community orchard to have a look at the blossoms and buds – Done, still only the pear is getting there

Some nice pictures to show what we got done…

The idea here is bury the tomatoes up to the first leaf, this means that the stems grow new roots, creating more stable plants.

Outdoor tomatoes, pepper and the cucumbers and gherkins all sown.  Lots of gherkins, enough to last until after Christmas this year.  The first of the basil sowings too.

Then storm Kate hit and its was rain, wind and more rain. The rest of the weekend was a washout, flooded garden, greenhouse and orchard…


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