Long weekend jobs

The sun is out after a very wet night.  It’s also a long weekend. So what are the plans for the weekend in the garden?

In no particular order

  • Dig over the beds for the spuds – not sure we will plant them out in the cold wet clay though
  • The tomatoes need potting on – making sure to plant them so the first leaves are just above the compost
  • The old dalek bins need emptying into the new compost bins – I wonder if these will also be full of soil and not compost – see below
  • We need to fashion a front for the new compost bins – we need to keep it in the bin and not let it tumble out
  • Weeding the beds with the peas and beans
  • Maybe sow some green manure in the bed where the runners are going to go
  • Probably sow some cucumbers, gherkins, outdoor tomatoes and melon (again)
  • Definitely get a pot of basil started
  • Visit the community orchard to have a look at the blossoms and buds
Nasty anaerobic heavy clay in the dalek bins

Only time will tell how much we get done though …


  1. You have a very busy weekend ahead as Saturday is forecast for rain I’m not sure if you will achieve all on your list, but good luck with the planting. Traditionally Easter is the “gardeners weekend” to sort out the garden for spring.

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