Shade Tolerant Crops

This has some really useful ideas – the only thing is that a typical summers day in the UK might only have 3 hours of sunshine 🙂 I think that there are definitely plants we will grow in the shade this year.


Being a city dweller living in a tiny apartment in a dense urban environment I find that due to the shade cast by the buildings around me I lack the option of planting crops that require full sun. That being said I’ve been digging around for the best shade tolerant crops . This is my list so far:

CropShade NotesGrowing Tips
ArugulaAt least three to four hours of sun per day.Arugula welcomes shade, as this crop is prone to bolting as soon as the weather turns warm if in full sun.
Asian greensAt least two hours of sun per day.Asian greens such as bok choi (also spelled “pac choi” and “pak choi”), komatsuna and tatsoi will grow wonderfully with a couple hours of sun plus some bright shade or ambient light.
ChardIf you grow chard mainly for its crisp stalks, you will need at least…

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