It’s sowin’ time

The weather was great this weekend.  It seems like everyone was out and down at their allotments.  I love that we have a garden that has the space to grow our vegetables but I do miss seeing other growers and having a chat.

This weekend was more sowing – more tomatoes, carrots and some flowers.  The tomatoes are courtesy of Brown Envelope Seeds.  I was lucky enough to win a competition on Twitter.  I can’t wait to see how these tomatoes turn out.

Holly Rose is supposed to be a very early maturing on, Tangella looks like a lovely orange one and I am very excited about Japanese Black Trifele which is suppose to keep fruiting until October – and it is a very dark one.  These are now on a sunny windowsill and seem to be warming up nicely.

We also planted up a few carrots – three different varieties.  Simon mixed them up with a little sand and compost.  This is for two reasons – its easier to see where you have sown them and it helps to distribute them.  After the success of growing in the big allotment planter, we wanted to use the recently acquired half barrels.

We sowed two rings and then had some left – so it looks a bit like a sun now.  The idea is then to plant a few chives as a way to confuse the pesky carrot root fly.  The carrot root fly is supposed to fly a few inches off the ground so planting in the tub should stop that….. but can’t they climb?

The sun was out and we also made progress with taking up turf as well.  The ground under the turf is solid heavy clay – you can see the shine.  We are just adding horse manure and hoping we can dig it over enough to get the spuds in.  We will get some fantastic loam in a couple of years which go on the raised beds.

We also sowed a few more flowers. These are mainly to be used as companion planting – marigolds, sweet peas, fox gloves, sun flowers and ox eyed daisy.

Roll on the warm days of summer when the bees are humming …


  1. Simons Nan and his Dad’s Father would be dead chuffed to know their gardening legacy had been passed on – Nan had the original green fingers, she could breathe life into a dead stick!

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  2. Great to see so much being able to be done over the weekend. The weather has been fantastic. I can’t wait to see how those carrots come along. Very arty with the sun 😉
    Those seed packets are really lovely.

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  3. I’m hoping that if I plant onions in between the rows it might help against carrot fly.
    Wow, lots of tomato salad and sauces for you then! I only had one plant last year which I partly cheated and bought, so hoping to do it properly and have at least a few different varieties for the outhouse at the allotment.
    Thank you! Managed 4 1/2 hours of digging and weeding on Saturday, then could barely move Sunday haha.

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  4. We had some carrots in the ground at the allotment and they got eaten quite badly. We have too many tomatoes again this year… Already 12 for the green house and more for outside still to come. I am looking forward to seeing more progress on your plot

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  5. Now that’s a very productive weekend! The Brown Envelope seed packets look lovely, let alone the seeds inside. I’m hoping to start sowing my tomatoes very soon, especially now I have a heated propagator.
    I grew carrots in containers last year for the first time before I had my allotment and they turned out great. Tempted to try half in containers again and the rest on the plot.
    I sowed Sweet Peas recently which have just started germinating and lots more flowers to sow too this month. Can’t wait to see all your progress.

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  6. I’ve grown carrots in containers for the last couple of years and they’ve worked really well. So I have high hopes for yours!

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