Recycling to compost

At the working party for ECO we acquired some wood.  Good quality, treated wood that had been used for soft fruit cages over the black currant plants.  I know it looks a bit like we took the wood from a grave yard, but it is because the community orchard is next to the parish church’s new burial grounds.

With a bit of preparation work, we built a two bay compost to be proud of!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get it done on the same day as we cut the planks – wrong screws! I am a child of the 80’s, so I feel that I can almost get away with (mis)quoting the A-Team….. I love it when a plan comes together.

And job done… is it perfection?

2 x 1 cubic meter bay

Not quite, we still need to work out how to fit individual planks on the front and a nice lid. Definitely, an improvement on the plastic dalek bin though …


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