Too chilly for chillies?

I was watching Gardeners World on BB2 last night, Monty was planting chillies.  Not wanting to be left behind I dug out some more seeds.  I was sure we had some cayenne and Thai chillies but apparently we used them last year.  Now I have a good excuse to buy some more of course.

We have been to Wahaca a few times and always get the “match book” of chilli seeds. We grew the serrano chillies really successfully last year, even if we lost the first batch to frost.  This year, I wanted to get them started early but we will keep them inside longer this time.  Eventually, we can put them in grow bags in one of the greenhouse.  It would be good to get some red and ripe serranos.  I know, not all are chillies – but they are all peppers. All 8 pots are now safely warming up in the airing cupboard for a week.  Hopefully, we have a few green shoots by then and they can go in the heated propagation tray in the light for a few weeks.

Last year we also grew a lot of marigolds in the greenhouse and dotted around the allotment.  They are supposed to deter aphids and attract pollinators.  It is important to plant tageres, French marigolds, for the smell to deter aphids.  However, we may have been growing the wrong ones for pollinators.  We grew pompom versions but their flowers are too compact for bees to get to the nectar.  So we are trying out the single flowered ones.  I planted the first small tray today.

Just pop the seeds in dark end first every centimetre or so.  We let them get quite big and then cut them into small squares and pushed the plugs into the grow bags.

I am now going to look for interesting chillies on line – naga? habanero? ancho? ….


  1. If you’re looking for advice on growing chillis, you need to visit my blog! Another good resource is Victoriana Nursery Gardens. Proprietor Stephen Shirley is a big chilli fan, and very knowledgeable.

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  2. I some bought Poblano seeds myself, from / I think I’ll start them off next January though. Four varieties is enough for me this year.

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  3. Good luck with the chillis! The seeds take a while to get going, so it might be a bit longer than a week before the seedlings come through. I started off four varieties in a heated propagator earlier in the year and they took between 10 and 18 days to germinate. Generally the hotter the chilli, the longer the germination, or so I understand.

    I’m looking for some more interesting varieties to grow next year as well, so I’ve got my eye on and (a sub-site of http://www.sowseeds, but I’m sure there are plenty of other specialist suppliers out there as well.

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