More seeds sown

You can never really plant too many seeds at this time of year.  You don’t get 100% germination, some are just spindly and need thinning out and then you can always give some away.

Today, I wanted to make a start on the brassicas using the Haxnicks root trainers. We used them last year and found that the roots looked strong and you could plant out without disturbing them.

They are a bit fiddly to put together and you do have to “force” the last row in.  I like the way you can get 32 little seedlings growing together.  This time I went for 8 different variety  and 4 plugs of each. The only tricky bit is filling the cells, as it tends to run out of the bottom. So I put it on over an old washing up bowl.

We had a few seeds left over from last year – except for the red sprouts we were got from a seed swap yesterday in Stroud.IMG_1182.jpg

  • calabrese
  • summer purple sprouting broccoli
  • Italian sprouting broccoli from Seedaholic
  • cabbage red flare
  • sprouts – revenge
  • kale – black Tuscan
  • spring sprouting purple broccoli and
  • sprouts rubine


I also planted a few more first early Oskar peas, some French beans for an attempt at an early crop in the greenhouse and stuck in some more parsley and chives.

Good to get a few seeds sown but tonight they are all tucked up in the greenhouse. I am hoping that the frost is not too hard tonight…




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