Do it your ‘right way’

I like the attitude of do it right even it is slower.  It’s exactly the approach we took. Clear sections and beds of weeds as you go

Everyone has their own ‘right way’ of doing things when it comes to gardening and allotments. I have seen this cause debate a number of times, no-dig vs dig, when to sow, spacing between seeds, the list is endless.

I recently met a lady who has plot near mine for the first time. The first thing she said to me was “it is great to see someone doing it the right way” and how she doesn’t see it enough these days.

I have had my overgrown nettle and couch grass covered plot nearly 4 months now and getting it ready for planting is certainly not easy or a quick process! This is because for me I am doing it the ‘right way’.
I have had numerous people say to me ‘why not use a rotavator?’ or ‘have you thought about weed killer?’ My response is always either ‘No chance!’ or ‘Are you mad?!’
Part of…

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