Spuds and more plans

I was in the shed earlier and I noticed that some of the spuds were doing a bit of chitting on their own.  They are obviously getting ready to burst into life.  After a previous blog post, my Dad gave me some advice – Potato day.  I thought it would be a good idea to get the first and second early seed potatoes set out and start to chit them.  IMG_1048

They are in the shed at the moment even though my Dad said they could go in the greenhouse.  I am not sure if they should be in the dark or not.  I also need to get some news paper underneath them to keep the shoots pointing up.

At the potato day, we picked up a handy wall planner from the guys at Down to Earth Stroud.  I must start marking on it when we plant the seeds.


I had a little look at the squashes to see when we need to plant them up.  We still need to work out which ones we are growing.  Obviously, we have to grow courgettes -green and yellow.  Then there are pumpkin, Uchiki Kuri and butternut squash we grew last year.  Along with the tomato and peas, we got something new from the Real Seed Catalogue UK – Burgess Buttercup.  None of these can go in just yet.


I am not sure we will grow the patty pans this time round.  That’s mainly because of space constraints this year.  However, I spotted the melon and remembered how that was a bit of a disappointment last year, it just didn’t grow well.

Melon Melba

However, I couldn’t resist trying one out early on.  I am sure we will plant another one next month too… one for the greenhouse and one for the hot summer we are going to have…

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