Peas and broad beans

I love the shed! A bench in front of the window, the radio and a tin of labels.  The bench is perfect for filling the multi cell trays.


We picked a small dwarf early pea from the fantastic The Real Seed Catalogue, Oskar. We got on with planting up a whole tray of them.  Grow… grow… grow…. I am not being impatient really, I just love peas straight from the plant.


It also seemed like a good idea to get some broad beans in.  A plate of fresh peas and broad beans is a real spring treat.  This year we have 3 different beans – Witkein, Dreadnought and De Monica.IMG_1042

They are now in the greenhouse with the other things we have planted up already; parsley and chives, sweet peas, salad leaves and some other broad beans.

One shelf in use in the greenhouse and we still have a cold frame to fill …


  1. Good, glad to see you are on the ball, though why you want to grow rocket is beyond me, it’s awful stuff, found some on a sandwich and it chocked me, turns into string in my mouth!

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  2. I think I should call you Hawkeyes Harris from now on! Yes we have a few bit of lettuce popping up and some rocket. The floods had gone down the next day. The shelves at the back of the greenhouse are just right for the seed trays.


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