Tomato sowing

This year we are spoilt for choice with tomatoes to plant – seeds from last year and new ones.  We didn’t sow the Moneymaker or the Shelley seeds we had left over.

This years tomatoes

We have picked 3 from the seed box for the greenhouse

  • San Marzano – we really loved San Marzano last year, a really meaty sauce tomato even though it was a bit of a brute in the green house.  We also grew them outside and they went into the tomato chutney
  • Sungold – lovely sweet orange cherry tomato.  We ate them like sweets at the allotment last year
  • Tigerella – these had a lovely flavour and great in salads.  They are red with a thin vertical orange strip around it

Two new ones from the fantastic Real Seeds UK

  • Costoluto Fiorentino – A delicious Italian variety ideal for salads or cooking. Tall, vigorous plants start to fruit early, and it’s a steady producer, cropping over a long period. Gives a heavy yield of huge, juicy, ribbed red fruit over a long season. Let’s hope they are as good as they sound
  • ‘Purple Ukraine’ Tomato
    A good early plum type tomato, this was originally from Irma Hemkel in the Ukraine. It did really well in our trials, (despite endless grey weather!) , making tall plants that soon set trusses of really large, deep purple plum tomatoes the size and shape of a goose egg. The tomatoes are both beautiful and delicious in salads, but they are also tasty cooked. The foliage is very attractive too, with dark green leaves and an interesting ‘feathery’ appearance.

All in the cell trays and in the heated incubator.

Late next month we will start the outdoor ones – Cream Sausage and more San Marzano.  We also need to get the comfrey growing for tomato feed.

It won’t be long until we have warm sunny days and will be eating these straight from the green house…


  1. Thanks for the warning – I’ll be prepared to keep them in check! I tried really hard with watering last season and the tomatoes suffered no blossom end rot. It can be a pain to do, though.

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  2. I’m pleased to hear you got good results with San Marzano last year. I’m trying it for the first time this season and I’ve got high hopes.

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