Nice to have frost

This morning was one of those gorgeous winter days that we have had so few of this year.  I don’t know about everyone else in the UK but Stroud Valley was clear and sunny this morning but -5ºC.

The bay tree
Our strawberry patch
A heavily frosted chard
Pretty litle primula

The greenhouse was frozen hard as well but it was over 20ºC at lunchtime!  I think that my little experiment with the super early basil might not work now.  However, the mixed lettuce and rocket are creeping out slowly.

imageThe sweetpeas have a bit of ice in the tray and the watering can had a nice layer of ice on it.  The bench these tray are on is about 3 feet of the ground so it was a hard frost.

Meanwhile back inside the house, the chives and parsley in the electric propogator have done well and they are now in the normal propogator in the little conservatory.  We got a good germination rate as well by the look of the cells.  They will get planted out in a couple of months.

Chives and parsley coming up nicely

The chives are going into some half barrels that we are going to grow carrots in.  The half barrel will be higher up than the dreaded carrot root fly flies (I never know why they cant climb but they dont seem to) and also with stone free compost.  Last year we grow them in an allotment built planter and we got lots of straight undamaged carrots.

Hopefully, the rhubarb forcer has kept the frost off the crown and it is growing away in the dark.



  1. Love the photos especially those of the chard and primula, but hope they haven’t suffered because of the frost! We actually had frost inside the windows of the car but I don’t think we beat your -5c


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