Plans…. big plans

Its too wet out there to do anything much….. We have been planning the new kitchen garden or home allotment.  The garden is long and quite thin and already has 4 distinct areas – lawn (x2), veg plot, green houses and the orchard.  its all very linear and makes the garden look very long and thin.  The classic approach is to split into different “rooms” and place opening in the corners but allow you to see into one room from another.

So far its all about scribbles on bits of paper.  The important things for us are that we can grow lots of different varieties and that it looks good.  We know we be keeping the green houses and orchard where they are but everything else can, and probably will, move.  We will be growing the classic 4 bed rotation crops – potato and roots, beans and peas, onions and brassicas. In addition we will have cucumbers, gherkins, tomatoes and salad leaves and a 3sisters bed.

The 3 sisters bed is a great way to grow different crops together in a permaculture. It’s a method we came across last year and its an ancient growing method from South America. You grow corn, squash and beans together. The idea being that the beans fix nitrogen and keep the fertility level up.  We are going to try this using the no dig method – if we can get hold of enough compost.  If not then we will be digging a patch of grass over first.

So here are a couple of the possible layouts.I am sure that we will make many changes before we finalised the layout….IMG_1018IMG_1020


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