Its raining again…potato day

There really isn’t a lot that you can do in the garden when the weather is just rain and wind – all weekend.

Hmmmmmm today and tomorrow

However, we heard about a local potato day at the Eastington Community Orchard meeting this week.  I will write a post about ECO soon.  The potato day was held in the indoor shopping centre in Stroud – Merrywalks.  This is run by Down to Earth Stroud, a local voluntary organisation that promote community gardening, vegetable growing and fruit exchanges.  The potato day is a modest affair but a great place to buy small quantities of different spuds.  It is definitely not as big as Mark’s potato day in Hampshire but it really suited our needs this year as we had already bought some seed potatoes. See the earlier post

The potatoes were either 20p each or 10 for £2 – compared to 10 for £2.99 in the garden centre. We picked 5 different varieties as a trial.

5 different seed potato varieties

They are

  • Rocket – first early
  • International Kidney – second early
  • Kestrel – second early
  • Vivaldi – also second early
  • Sapro Mira – main crop

We already have Charlotte, Arran Pilot and Pink Fir Apple…. I think we have enough for this year now.

Next year we might have to check out the Dundry Potato Festival – we just missed it this year.  It’s an annual event with over 150 different varieties on offer.  I think we can find room for some oddities – Vitelotte has blue skin and pale blue flesh.

It might be wet and wild outside but there is still some garden magic happening – the rhubarb is forcing…


  1. Richard
    The varieties that I have dealt with are International Kidney ( Jersey Royal) and Arran Pilot. The best practice is to chit the seed tubers in a glasshouse then plant in warm soil by 10th April. To achieve warm soil for planting try pegging fleece over the potato bed then leave the fleece covering until the shoots emerge, can leave until frosts are not expected. Dad

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  2. I don’t know why you think you have been singled out for stormy weather, it’s raining cats and dogs here!
    It’s good to know the rhubarb is doing well in its cocoon existence.

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  3. Am particularly interested in the international kidney potato, it would be great if it looked like a kidney then perhaps it could be offered as an alternative transplant!

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