Is it too early?

Only time will tell

Winter has been so mild this year that I wanted to try a small experiment and start some salad leaves off in a tray.  If anything happens then we can eat them as micro veg/herbs or as little seedlings.  The seeds are a couple of years old so might not be as viable anyway – but worth a punt. Its just 4 “rows” with basil, mixed lettuce, lambs lettuce and rocket.

An experiment with trying

It’s also time to get a few sweet peas sown.  We have used the old toilet roll trick for the last couple of years and it seems to work ok – even if the roll does not rot away quickly.  It does mean that you can plant them out without damaging the young roots.

The greenhouse has been at about 10C most mornings this week and up to 15C, so we have put both the lettuce and sweet peas on a shelf in there.

Soaking up some rain water

All we can do now is wait and see.


  1. I reckon the salad mixes should come up in a couple of weeks if we don’t have another really cold spell, but the basil might need a bit more heat to germinate. As it’s an Indian / Mediterranean species it usually needs around 18-30 deg C to get going. But I’ll be happy for your seeds to prove me wrong 🙂

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