What to plant and when?

One of the joys of January is sorting through the seeds and planning what to plant.  We still have seeds for most of the things we grew last year but there are always more to buy.  A month by month planting plan soon forms – lots of peas and 6 varieties of tomatoes.


We picked a heritage pea this year – Oskar is a dwarf early and only 2 feet tall.   They came from a great company – Real Seeds.   So we have planned 4 sequential plantings.  Then there are some later peas, sugar snaps and mange tout.

Real seeds peas

Real Seeds also provided some new tomato varieties – Costoluto Fiorentino (an early fruiting Italian variety) and ‘Purple Ukraine’ (we couldnt resist these ones, deep purple plum). We are also going to be growing San Mazano for tomato sauce, the really fun cream saugage (yellow plum tomato), tasty Tigerella and super sweet Sungold.

This years tomatoes

This was all kicked off by a trip to the garden centre over the weekend.  There were a couple of great displays of seed potatoes and onion sets.

We went for first early Arran Pilot, second early Charlotte and Pink Fir Apples.  This year is shallots and not onions.

Seed potaotes and shallot sets

Of course it is easier to plan than to dig…. we might not get in all the brassicas this year… It all depends how much hardwork we put in next month!


  1. […] However, we heard about a local potato day at the Eastington Community Orchard meeting this week.  I will write a post about ECO soon.  The potato day was held in the indoor shopping centre in Stroud – Merrywalks.  This is run by Down to Earth Stroud, a local voluntary organisation that promote community gardening, vegetable growing and fruit exchanges.  The potato day is a modest affair but a great place to buy small quantities of different spuds.  It is definitely not as big as Mark’s potato day in Hampshire but it really suited our needs this year as we had already bought some seed potatoes. See the earlier post […]


  2. IT all looks very exciting, I hope your backs don’t ache too much after all that planting, hope the weather holds for you.


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