The shed

Every man needs a shed

One of the things that we both liked about the new house was the shed. Not only is it dry but it has power – a light and a couple of plug sockets. This afternoon we spent some time sorting it out.

As Benjamin Franklin said “Everything has a place and everything in its place”.

We also made a start on clearing up the greenhouses and moved the metal bench from one into the shed. With the shed nicely organised, we can listen to the radio and plant seeds on the bench in front of the window. The first things in we sowed where some chives and parsley.

Chives to the left and parsley to right

The chives are to plant with the carrots later this year.  The smell of chives is supposed to help ward off the dreaded carrot root fly.  The parsley variety is “Titan”.  We grow it on the allotment last year and it did really well.  One plant grows to about 20 cm wide and high – it also has great flavour.


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