The first planting

We received a great house warming and Christmas present this year, 2 fruit trees.  They were a damson and a green gage and came as bare roots.  Both are on a bush root stock and will hopefully not get too big and out of control.

It hadn’t stopped raining for 3 weeks and even the ducks have been building rafts, we had to get them in the ground.  Simon dug the holes and there was a puddle of water at the bottom only 1 spade’s depth!

We hammered a nice support stake in and slid the trees into the hole next to the stake.  The bottom of the hole was filled with ordinary commercial compost and we packed more in and around the tree.  Then we added some of the soil on the top and trod in around the trees.  The rubber cable ties just help to keep the tree upright next to the stake.  The final thing was a dressing of smelly blood fish and bone!

The small pile of soil to the side is used to top up as the soil settles. We pruned the trees back when they were planted.  The idea here is to start off with the right shape and keep the canopy open.  This is to help with air circulation and reduce the change of disease.  it also makes it easy to pick fruit in the future.

The good news is the buds on the new trees are looking ok.  We just need to be a little patient now and hope that we get some flowers and leaves this spring.  It will be a couple of years before we get enough fruit for jams and pies.  Gardening is a lesson in patience after all.

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